Welcome to my amateur radio homepage.

You can check out my logbook, view received SSTV images (apologies if nudes show up, contact me if they do please), and play around with whatever else I may feel like uploading.

The Prop Condx page is likely to be the most interesting.  I have a few hotlinked atmospheric condition maps, along with a DX cluster and UTC clock.  It's basically what I have loaded when I'm in the shack.

The projects page is me describing my various excursions into assorted... well, projects.  Some are radio related, some arent.  Everything from electronics to Linux to gardening.  This website in itself is a projecet.  I certainly don't expect to have a large amount of traffic, nor is it my intent.  It's simply here because I like to tinker with php and HTML.  If someone else finds it useful, great.  If not, oh well.

If you're so inclined for whatever reason, my Twitter and Facebook profile pages are linked to the upper right.  You better know me darn good and well before asking to follow me though. :)

I QSL 100% as time allows, via LOTW, eQSL, and paper.

73, Rob w0jrm

FPQRP #330, NAQCC #7688, SKCC #29, FISTS #19246, QRP ARCI #16952

Aude, vide, tace, si vis vivere en pace.